Who we are

For over ten years, hundreds of teens have participated in the highly acclaimed Sherut L'Olam Leadership Program. Informed and Inspired by Jewish tradition and ethics, Sheruters explore social and environmental justices, develop public speaking/advocacy skills and engage in multiple community service projects. 

The Senior Fellowship runs October through March and the Junior Fellowship begins in December and runs until the end March.

Sherut L'Olam is a Shalom Institute program and is made possible through a grant from the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles.


What the Sheruters say

"I have loved being part of Sherut. What's better than making best friends and creating fantastic memories with them? The programs and people are inspiring and incredible. Sherut gives you opportunities to share your voice and opinions/beliefs in the world." -Aly
"After every event we participate in, I feel empowered to go into the world and do something about issues I am passionate about." -Yael
It is not often that you find a group of teenagers eager to learn and discuss life's tough questions; it was an awesome environment to be in. -Rebecca
"It has allowed me to learn and grow as an individual, connect and bond with people in the group, and learn more about my Jewish identity. I have developed leadership skills, helped those in need, learned more about social issues and how we can stand up and becaome a social activist, and I've overall become a better person." -Lillian