Senior Fellowship

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Sherut L’Olam Senior Fellowship

About the Program

Sherut L’Olam provides a space for teens to explore social and environmental issues, give value to their voice and empower them to engage with the world. Informed and inspired by Jewish tradition and ethics, Sherut L’Olam draws on environmental and social justice activists as well as experts in public speaking, team building and communication. In addition to gaining a greater understanding of important issues of the day, Sheruters will develop the skills to teach and model what they have learned in a more confident and effective manner. Sherut L’Olam brings together teens from across Southern California:  the South Bay, Westside, and the Conejo, San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys.

The Sherut L’Olam Senior Fellowship runs from October – April.

What’s Included

  • Three-weekend retreats at American Jewish University and Camp Alonim
  • Advocacy skills development and issue-oriented Sunday sessions
  • 35+ hours of community service
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The Application Process and Tuition

Applications for Sherut L’Olam Senior Fellowship are currently closed. Stay tuned for upcoming dates/details. 

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